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7 definitions by geezitron

Generally, incompetent institutional leadership; specifically, 2000-2008, the Bush Administration.
1. The goodwill the United States received after the 9/11 attacks has entirely evaporated following the blunders in diplomacy of the Bozo Administration.

2. I doubt we'll see a Christmas bonus this year concidering the way the company has been run into the ground by the current bozo administration.
by geezitron December 19, 2009
Your father's new girlfriend.
"I gotta go. I have to be home to at 5 to meet the new pop tart. This is the third one this year my dad picked up from the secretarial pool at work. Skank, man!"
by geezitron December 09, 2009
Broke, no funds, overdrawn to the extreme, underwater and lower than whale shit, bankrupting yourself and still spending.
"I sure could use a cup but I checked the owebam-account and it looks dicey. What the hell! Come on, I'll buy us both a 'Bucks and leave it to Uncle Visa." or...

"New coat? I thought you were broke."
"Yah, but the owebam-account is still open."
by geezitron December 09, 2009
Dissed; verbally denigrated; trash talk; the act of disrespecting an individual using insulting language often in the presence of other people often by a trusted friend or person in a position fo authority.
Juan left the party punked after Bob's face walk made him feel completely put down.
by geezitron December 19, 2009
Nagged to death by your mother, grandmother or aunt. The result of the constant barrage of maternal nit-pickie reminders.
After being told hang up his jacket, take off his shoes, come in through the garage and not the front door, use a handkerchief and not his sleeve, lower his voice and not to use such coarse language; Carl turned around, got in his car and left thoroughly mother-bored.
by geezitron December 19, 2009
Putz parked totally on Urban Dictionary over-obsessing on absorbing entries or getting published. Close relative to urban dichead.
Geek #1: "MILF! Courgarlicious... That's one silver fox trot. A jamie lee coitus. What do you think, dude?"

Geek #2: "Get a life. I think you're becoming an urban dic tater."
by geezitron November 16, 2009
The slacker job.
"The boss's nephew is so lame he couldn't be anything but the clipboard surfer."
by geezitron November 13, 2009