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a.k.a. Shaving your legs
It is high time I knock down the pine forest. My boyfriend pointed out that I am way overdue for de-forestation! My legs are soooooooooo hairy!
by geckypibb July 02, 2010
Any person or persons afflicted with annoying or poor time management skills. Afflictions can include being chronically late, waking too early or late or obsessively checking the time on one's time piece.
Ali continues to wake up every night at 3:33 a.m. Instead of being supportive her friends just holler "CLOCK SUCKER"!
by geckypibb September 01, 2010
A circle of hair, just above the ankle, which is often left behind when a woman shaves too quickly.
"Shit man, I shaved quickly this morning and I have a god damned hair anklet!
by geckypibb November 27, 2009
A passive aggressive way to say goodbye to your boss when you intend to quit in a blaze of glory.
Named for Stephen Slater who quit his job at JetBlue in a dramatic and newsworthy fashion.
Glenn told Ellen to clear the paper jam in the photocopier for the fourth time today. Ellen looked at the photocopier and then at Glenn and said "S'later" under her breath. She won't be back tomorrow!
by Geckypibb August 11, 2010
The unsettling feeling that results when one is unable to find information during a google search. The feeling is particularly unsettling because it so rarely happens and is the direct result of years of successful google searches.
OMG! Total googleplex! I'm trying to find out the name of that actor who starred in that show, you know the guy...ARRRGH! Googleplex!!!
by geckypibb January 09, 2011
When an otherwise average employee quits his/her job in a hilarious and newsworthy fashion.

Named in honor of Stephen Slater who quit his job as a flight attendant at JETBLUE in a very dramatic and newsworthy fashion. Slater, who was frustrated with a disobedient passenger, yelled "That's it" into the PA, grabbed 2 beer and then disembarked the plane through the emergency exit!

Also see, "pulling a Slater."
I think Jim is going slater later! The boss just won't quit nagging him about the table settings!
by geckypibb August 11, 2010

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