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The term BLumkin is when a man is sitting on the toilet taking a shit. And has his woman come in and give him head during the act of shitting.
"Bitch get your ass in here and give me a blumkin!"
by Gary B January 12, 2005
To Jap Slap someone, is to slap them when they are not aware of the incomming slap. (I.E Sneak attack)

Comes from when the Japanese bombed Pearl Habor in sneak attack fashion.
"When Alex wasnt looking I Jap slapped him right in the back of the head"
by Gary B January 12, 2005
When you stick popcorn kernels in a girls pussy and then fuck her to make enough friction and heat to pop the kernels.
We gave our kids a snack after we used the popcorn maker
The popcorn maker sure is a lot cheaper than buying a microwave.
by Gary B May 22, 2003
Cover wax on your dick and put a wick on the head... light the wick and ask the birthday girl to blow it out.
The girl got her wish after she blew out her candle dick.
by Gary B May 22, 2003
When You are about to jizz, pull out and jizz on the girls right shoulder, then left shoulder, and say "welcome young soldier"
When kenny knighted Brandon, he made brandons dreams come true.
I've knighted more girls than Queen Elizabeth
by Gary B May 22, 2003
Person who does substantial work for a mucky muck.
Hey goober head, run 5 copies of this report stat, before i bust you in the mouth.
by gary b February 09, 2004
engineering term for a person who works in a soft carpet area.
gary bran wants very much to be a mucky muck so he can get out of his goober head status in the office.
by gary b February 09, 2004

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