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Slang name for the well known sex god "gareth of blackpool/England.
Lynden: yo Gabo
by Gareth March 23, 2004
A wan boil orginated from the words wan and boil. Imagine masturbatory boils wan-wan waning all over the place. You'll feel good and then explode via ego-gasms.
Wanboil "WAN boil" Pronunciation Key (WAN-boil)
v. wanboiled, wanboil·ing, wanboils
v. intr.

1. To To Wan a fucking boil.
2. To Wan the boiling boil.
3. To undergo the action of boiling, a fucking Wan..
2. To be in a state of agitation; seethe: a river Wanboiling over the fucking.
3. To be stirred up or greatly excited: The mere idea made my Wans boil.
by gareth January 10, 2005
A sizeable task, something big or extreme.
This Tequila is not for ants
by gareth October 28, 2003
Developed in the 20th century, spazclarrt was used to tell cunts from hoxton they should be adminstering the drug ketamine to teenage girls from the scene, blud, geon.
"Ayyy Spazclarrt getter meen? Ya dun know bof dem ketamine, safe bransgore mush."
by gareth January 10, 2005
An unsheared sheep or a very hairy untrimmed muff.
Shaggy cousins, Scraggy is the unsheared sheep. The untrimmed muff- i have been with a few and for legal reasons cannot disclose names, but three were from London!!!!
by Gareth November 18, 2004
A lesbian sex act in which the two women rub there pussys together usually whilst laying down. (unless you get circus porn...those crazy acrobats)
Man nobody knows what a tribber is
by Gareth February 27, 2005
The number plate of Miss L B who supports Reading and shouts C'Mon URZ.
LB05URZ, Initials, year and C'Mon URZ
by Gareth November 11, 2004

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