28 definitions by gareth

A penis that is both tapered and has a shrivelled appearance.
The lady fainted at the sight of his diminuitive carrot dick.
by Gareth August 14, 2003
A professional online filesharing community.
Come hang out at Slyck.com!
Register at Slyck.com, fuck the RIAA!
by Gareth August 14, 2004
Grunge :- some one who wears comftable clothing usually baggy jeans and a baggy hoody/sweatshirt and sk8 trainers etc vans, duffs. has a very chilled out perception of the world and taeks life as it comes
some one who listens to the likes of nirvana or soundgarded
by gareth January 12, 2005
Incorrect information. May have had origins in the RAF.
That tip you gave me for the 2.30 at Sandown turned out to be duff gen.
by Gareth May 30, 2004
brother, homie, friend etc..
My boet is gonna take me to the match!
by Gareth January 17, 2004
when a man pokes his cock in another mans bum.
on saturday nights, gareth goes to morgans house, takes off his pants, and plays "bum darts" with morgann. Gareth usually wins, actually he always wins because as he lieks to say, practice makes perfect
by gareth January 29, 2003
The effects on said youths after they attempt to slash tyres on sportka, after recieving a visit from these three Millwall fans. These youths are predominantly living in Leicestershire and are unemployed and take pride in bumdarting 24/7 with speciality of feltching their friends.
Refer to the state of the doors of the un-named youth after a visit by Hatchet, Matchet and Despatchet, the three notorious Millwall fans- no one wants to mess with.
by Gareth November 11, 2004
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