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A girl who is flexible enough to be able to give herslef oral sex and lick her clit.
A very good yoga expert. The only other person to do this is a female called Eggbina Bervina from a hamlet called Reading, in the county of Berkshire
by Gareth November 12, 2004
Welsh/UK slang

(adj): cool, good, nice, sweet
"Yo, dude. The the new Bad Boys II movie is fuckin' tidy, man!"
by Gareth January 07, 2004
Contrary to popular beleif the term 'yer ma' doesn't actually originate in Scotland. It has been used by many 'spides' or 'steeks' in the beautiful county of Northern Ireland for many many years. As stated above, it is used in a vulgar way when in an argument, when the spide/steek can't think of anything else to say.
Generally it is used to imply that that the spide/steek has had sexual relations with one's mother... but it is usually not the case, since most spides/steeks couldn't get laid if they tried.
"I had yer ma last neet so ah did!"
by Gareth January 09, 2004
A funny Australian comedian who has great albums such as "Yah Mum's Bum" and "Rude Basterd".
by Gareth October 26, 2003
The worst type of conformist, these are the disillusioned ones who believe they are not conformists and by slating conformists down they become non-conformists.
"Yeah, I'm not a conformist, I think it's stupid when people dress in a certain way to be liked, you should always dress differently from other people."
by Gareth March 24, 2004
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