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getting caught masterbating
dude that fucker Phillip tottaly got Pee Wee Herman'd the other night
by G-Funk July 17, 2003
Origin of the word is from women who use to sit at desks counting numbers all day. Eventually replaced by machinery so that women can stay home and cook.

Has slowly developed into a device primarily used for downloading pornography and talking shit anonymously. Quite possibly the best invention ever.
I just downloaded some bestiality pics and I keep them in My Pictures on my computer.
by G-Funk November 23, 2004
when canned air is applied on a woman's nipples to make them ice hard.
My bitch gets off whenever I give her polar caps.
by G-funk July 17, 2003
Redneck, country living, tattoo covered, tooth missing hillbilly.

An individual who generally looks like he/she crawled out of a rubbish dump, generally found in country towns but have been known to invade city areas.

Eg. (1)There are those god damn Stirlo's again.
(2) Look out for the stirl's.
by G-funk January 31, 2003
A vehicle that can be shrunken, thereby allowing it to take its shrunken passengers on an exciting journey through the gonads, which can then be documented either in crappy kids books or a porno
Shrink the Gonadmobile and we'll get this adventure to the gonads underway!
by G-Funk April 27, 2004
when you blow out your O ring when taking a huge shit
Bill was taken to the hosptial after suffering a mount st helen
by G-Funk July 17, 2003
Ghettosexual:(adjective) A non-gender specific term used to desrcribe favorable trends of styles on the street.
Girlfriend, dat weave is so ghettosexual!

Fo' shizzle my nizzle, those rims ghe-tto-sex-ual!
by G-funk August 24, 2004
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