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Ghettosexual:(adjective) A non-gender specific term used to desrcribe favorable trends of styles on the street.
Girlfriend, dat weave is so ghettosexual!

Fo' shizzle my nizzle, those rims ghe-tto-sex-ual!
by G-funk August 24, 2004
when two fat ass people bump uglies
lester and his girl are two of the fattest fucks Ive ever seen Id hate to be around when they start mashing meat
by G-funk July 17, 2003
to bring a wack, def answer to da hood.
Yo, did you see that Accent GSI, he solutionized the shit out of it.
by G-Funk December 04, 2003
the act of giving a female vaginal tears during sexual intercourse
dan said my cock is so huge he bets im in the shrub slashing business
by G-Funk July 17, 2003
to go into a bathroom and unleash a deadly turd bomb
dude that fatass just went in and tottaly Bushed my restroom
by G-funk July 17, 2003
To bring fresh rhymes; to have dope technique

Background: Hip hop, b-boy
On the microphone I come correct
by g-funk March 06, 2005
A single women in her 30's, on the prowl for some sausage to fill the hot dog bun.

Cougars are "experienced" and can take good care of you.

They are easy to spot as they often dress like they're 16 years old.
That woman is hot, but she looks like my Aunt. She's definitely cougar-material.
by G-Funk December 05, 2003

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