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17 definitions by fluffy

It's the skin on your undercarriage, the bit between your balls and your anus
Mary licked my elephant skin then went round and plated my arse
by Fluffy June 06, 2003
small, cuddly fresher creature type thing. Slang used generally in the Kent area to describe a specific type of human female.
Naiomi Xharris Summerlin
by Fluffy April 18, 2005
The proud dork chant. Mainly used for crowded hallways. Also said between friends.
(Can be done at any random time)
1: "So anyway I can't wait till tomorrow"
2: "wahwahwahkikikiki"

1: "Geez I can't believe that happened"
2: "wahwahwahkikikiki"

1: "What do you wanna do this weekend?"
2: "wahwahwahkikikiki"

1: "See ya later!"
2: "wahwahwahkikikiki"
by Fluffy July 04, 2004
taking too many vicodin or darvocet or lortabs etc.
im fluffin out
by fluffy December 03, 2003
Lime Soda Drink
Everyone loves LSD!
by Fluffy April 08, 2004
Nerdy white guys that whack three times a day or more and are obsessed with romans.
Guy is a welfare whore.
by Fluffy March 03, 2003
anotter term for vicodin or other of them great pain killers
got ne scratch
by fluffy December 03, 2003