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A suave, sophisticated and intelligent Aussie with great taste in music and an awesome sense of humor.
"Hey, Floyd is a really cool guy!"
by Floyd September 20, 2003
When the fat on a woman's back resembles a pair of breasts.
when stuffed into a tight bra, or overflowing out of a low cut dress...
by floyd January 02, 2004
While eating a chick out, you grab your cell phone, call your buddy and when he answers you begin pleasuring your partner with the phone.
use your imagination
by floyd January 02, 2004
Grand, fantabulous, wonderful great etc
"How are you feeling today?"
"Spondtious thanks. And u?"
by Floyd May 30, 2004
A girl with a big ol'ghetto booty. Makes me want to whip it out and nail that ass on the spot.
Damn, look at that donkeybutt! who is that girl? Her name is Jessica and she works at the gas station.
by floyd November 30, 2003
The after meal tradition of smoking a bowl and a joint with the guests
When you're all finished with your dinner, we will meet on the patio to enjoy a boint.
by Floyd November 15, 2002
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