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A smaller sized blunt, roughly the size of a joint.
Instead of wasting a whole blunt on myself, I'll just roll a boint
by Raymond Tango October 24, 2013
really freakin burnt!!!! really burnt ass skin, food, hair, looks, basically torn back.
mrk: That shits hella boint!!!!!
mike: man hell ya!!
by cuzzomike September 03, 2009
The after meal tradition of smoking a bowl and a joint with the guests
When you're all finished with your dinner, we will meet on the patio to enjoy a boint.
by Floyd November 15, 2002
when one smokes a joint using a bong.
Allison just ripped that boint so hard, she was gone after her first hit.
by BOB, hell yeah. March 01, 2008
Slapping ur dick on a inkpad, and then slapping ur inked up dick on a face, or other piece of skin
-slaps dick on inkpad-

by Gooch Lick August 15, 2011
Boint is a noun that means a blunt that is wrapped over in rolling paper. It is not a joint, not a blunt, but a boint. A boint is usually made if the blunt is not smokable, and it needs to be fixed.
"That is a large boint"
"We have to smoke a boint, William fucked up the blunt"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
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