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to understand the full meaning of this word, we must break it down:
1. Homo - Homosexual

2. Necro - Necrophilia. def. having sex/intercourse with the dead/decease/those who have snuft it/ those pushing up the daisies.

3. Pedo - Pedophile. def. some one who has sex/intercourse with children under the legal age of consent.

4. Bestiality - def. A person who has sex/intercourse with an animal.

Once broken down, the full meaning presents its self: homo-necro-pedo-bestiality is a person who has sex/intercourse with a dead, baby animal of the same sex.

WARNING: this act is illegal in all countries, except a few select areas.
Man 1: man, me and amanda decided to get a little experimental last night, so we did a little homo-necro-pedo-bestiality.

Man 2: ...dude, i'm calling the cops.
by fattybunta August 26, 2007
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