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3 definitions by fastball35

Stashing a cold one in the front of your pants when no free pocket or cooler is available.
Weber: "Better hide that beer, they're gonna take it from ya at the gate."
Palmer: "Weak. Looks like I'll hafta crotch beer it!"
by fastball35 March 22, 2011
Hand On the Inner Thigh. A sign of friendship or affection shown between friends and lovers of either sex. Also exercised when watching scary movies.
Amber: Today has been a total nightmare!
Jared: (places hand on thigh) Yeah, well chin up!
Amber: Your hand is on my thigh.
Jared: Congrats! You've been HOITed.
by fastball35 October 31, 2011
A $1 bill that's so wrinkled, dirty and worn out, it looks like it was found on the floor of a men's public bathroom. It has little or no vending value whatsoever.
Waitress: And here's your change.
Britta: Ah gross! Look at this urinal one she gave me back! I don't even wanna touch it. Somebody trade me for a crispy one.
by fastball35 August 10, 2011