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Stashing a cold one in the front of your pants when no free pocket or cooler is available.
Weber: "Better hide that beer, they're gonna take it from ya at the gate."
Palmer: "Weak. Looks like I'll hafta crotch beer it!"
by Fastball35 March 22, 2011
Hand On the Inner Thigh. A sign of friendship or affection shown between friends and lovers of either sex. Also exercised when watching scary movies.
Amber: Today has been a total nightmare!
Jared: (places hand on thigh) Yeah, well chin up!
Amber: Your hand is on my thigh.
Jared: Congrats! You've been HOITed.
by Fastball35 October 31, 2011
catchphrase of the Hamburglar. Often says it before stealing a plate of McDonalds hamburgers and then running off as Ronald and the other characters chase him.
Ronald: What happened to all of the burgers?
Hamburglar: Rubble rubble!
by Fastball35 December 23, 2009
an unfortunate turn of events. A situation that starts out positive and comes crashing down in flames. Or when one person's chances for success are destroyed by another person's actions, often unintentially.
I was on my way to the ball game, when I got a flat tire. That took me an hour to fix and by the time I got home, my roommates clutchbombed me by drinking all my beer.

My plane ticket was sitting on the counter, but my mom thought it was clutter and threw it in the trash, what a clutchbomb!

He was waiting for the girl from the other night to call him back, but his brother found his phone sitting out, answered it and told her she was fat. It was the ultimate clutchbomb!
by Fastball35 December 22, 2009
The term used to describe a soft-serve ice cream machine found in dining halls on college campuses, frequented by freshmen girls.
Eric: "Three chicks in sweats making a beeline for the whalemaker."
Weber: "That's the tallest cone I've ever seen. And she's not even making it twist!"
by Fastball35 April 20, 2016
A $1 bill that's so wrinkled, dirty and worn out, it looks like it was found on the floor of a men's public bathroom. It has little or no vending value whatsoever.
Waitress: And here's your change.
Britta: Ah gross! Look at this urinal one she gave me back! I don't even wanna touch it. Somebody trade me for a crispy one.
by Fastball35 August 10, 2011
Pronounced (Deece Sitch) A hybrid term of both decent and situation. Used to describe a fortunate turn of events or expressing happiness with how circumstances are playing out.
"He got us both tickets to the concert and then we're gonna go meet those girls afterwards for drinks."

"Ah, that's a dec sitch!"
by Fastball35 December 22, 2009

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