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One who leverages. One who steps up, is proactive, thinks outside of the box, is on the fast track, knows the team's core competences, develops synergy, creates a win-win scenario by empowering the client base, and shifts paradigms by living the mission statement.

A person who not only speaks in corporate buzzwords, but also thinks in them, and uses them as substitutes for actual intelligence and creativity. The people who give capitalism a bad name.
It was more entertaining when Trump had actual leveragers on his show instead of these fauxlebrities.

Leverager: "Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?"

Clearly leveragers were responsible for developing this TV show. It's ass.
by exstock April 05, 2009
Developed from commentary by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear:
1. A people-carrier/minivan, especially one that is being driven in a manner that is inconvenient to you.
2. The driver of a people-carrier/minivan, or a person who looks like he might drive one.
1. That piddington is going 12mph in a 50 and I can't see around its fat ass to tell whether or not I can pass it.
2. This place is clogged with piddingtons; must be a Michael Buble' concert in town tonight.
by exstock April 05, 2009
A shortening of the phrase "him or her." Himmer can be used as a pronoun to refer to a person of unidentifiable sex, or when writing about a person of unknown gender.

See also: hersh, hiser
I though I'd finally figure what Pat was when I saw himmer coming out of the bathroom, but it was one of those stupid unisex ones.
by exstock July 27, 2009
(noun) Geographical areas that have a very low population, and therefore few if any radio stations.
You're driving across the southwest tomorrow? Better bring plenty of music along with you; it's a radio-free zone down there.
by exstock April 08, 2009
(noun) Weaving or wandering around the road, caused by road hypnosis from driving down many miles of empty and perfectly straight road that looks exactly like the last many miles you drove. Driving these roads on cruise control with your hands immobile on the steering wheel leads to inattention to driving, or to boredom strong enough that you're tempted to swerve off the road on purpose rather than by accident.

(verb) To unintentionally drive very very gradually off the road or into the opposing lane, because the road is so empty and boring that you aren't paying enough attention to notice.
I was reading a magazine while driving to El Paso, and the west texas drift took me halfway across a field before I even noticed.

The next town is in a straight line 269 miles away. When I finally get there, I'd better get a hotel room; all this west texas drifting is about to make me at one with the tumbleweeds.
by exstock April 08, 2009
The act of accidentally sending a message to the wrong person or group
"Well that was a pretty major zippo--I just sent my boss the text I meant to send my girlfriend."
by exstock October 14, 2015
A shortening of the phrase "his or her." Hiser can be used as a pronoun to refer to a person of unidentifiable sex, or when writing about a person of unknown gender.

See also: himmer, hersh
I was talking to Pat at the bar when hersh scratched hiser crotch. I'm still not sure if that was unladylike or perfectly natural male behavior.
by exstock July 27, 2009
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