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A five star man among boys with the mind of a champion and with no comparisons in sight.

Some say Hersh is so great he must be an urban legend, but he in fact exists
and not even the best of the best can compare with this grand chronic king.

It is someone who not only reaches for the greatest possible glory, but also grabs it and does not let it go.
-Ohhh shit...look, there goes a Hersh!

-Shhh, don't stare directly at Hersh and his friends for we are not worthy of their company.
by Friend of a Friend April 06, 2004
A psychotic midget.
Spotted everywhere from World of Warcraft to Gaia Online.
Pretty much androgynous, and never stays in the same place very long.

Everyone loves Hersh. :D
See also:

"Wait, is Hersh a boy or a girl?"
"Hersh is moving again? Figures."
by Jereth September 12, 2007
Used in reference to a dance where one hand is placed on the year while the other is flipped and flopped in tune with the shaking of the hips and head. Named after a sex bomb indian boy ; a little spicy a little sweet. Dhoom ha-chuk dhoom dhoom
Do the Hersh...dhoom ha-chuck dhom dhoom
by Stogz February 25, 2005
A shortening of the phrase "he or she." Hersh can be used as a pronoun to refer to a person of unidentifiable sex, or when writing about a person of unknown gender.

See also: hiser, himmer
I saw Pat as hersh was getting out of hiser car, and told himmer about the unisex clothing sale downtown.
by exstock July 27, 2009
n : anal intercourse committed by a man with a man or woman. sodomy and buggery.
"Can I take you up the hersh"
"Right up the hershey highway"
by tahieye March 24, 2005
a boy named CJ WHO IS DAMN FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and goes to st. andrews
damn who is that id like tap dat ass YYEAA guuurl
by supersonic funky fresh mix master February 28, 2005
to be quiet, huhs, shut-the-fuck-up, bequiet, silence, see hush
Jay: Ay man yo mam's haircut look like a dirty tennis ball
Michael Jackson: u kno what you can jus hersh
by Dejuante October 10, 2006
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