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Salad made with eggs.
Person: "I like eggs and I like salad....Yes I do."
by Evil October 18, 2003
A shirt in the shape of a T
Person: "I just bought a shirt in the shape of a T. I think it is a t shirt. What do you think?"
by Evil October 18, 2003
Niggaz wit attitude-fuck you who eva wrote fuckin "no whites allowed"--damn cracker
Niggaz Wit Attitude is true motherfuckin gangsta rap
by Evil August 05, 2003
damn mother fuck....they band is fucking bad ass but "the guy" has a name...it is wayne
You dont kno the devil til you hear static-x
by evil August 24, 2003
A brush for your teeth. Used for brushing your teeth using toothpaste or Whitening Toothpaste
Person: "I want a brush for my teeth so I can brush my teeth. I think I need to buy a tooth brush."
by Evil October 18, 2003
Freshener for the air that freshens the air when the air needs to be freshened because the air is un-fresh.
Person: "I want some freshener for the air to freshen the air when my farts make the air stinky and un-fresh. I think I will put air freshener on my shopping list."
by Evil October 18, 2003
The color purple when it is metallic.
Person: "Metallic purple is a groovy color."
by Evil October 18, 2003
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