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2 or more consecutive hits. (punches, kicks, hadokens, shoryukens, or special moves that require 3rd level special bar. Or general things IRL) Also a delicious snack.
ex: Demon edge

Sally: Dude I just did a 3 hit combo on your face!
Jeff: Yeah but it only did 10 damage.
Sally: But you only have 5 hp!
by eulo July 10, 2005
A combination of the words cry and priorities. Typically used when people are crying about something that just doesn't matter, or while something much more important is at hand.
"Dude, if you're complaining about demoman being overpowered, you've got your cryorities out of order."
by eulo October 22, 2008
When you accidentally merge words together, swap the first letter, or when you can't decide on which word to say so you say both, merging them. It can be because you're nervous, drunk, or just not paying attention to what you're saying. Merd worge is a merd worge in its self.
Joe: Where were you last night, Steve?
Steve: I had diolent viohhrea...
Joe: Merd worge!
by eulo December 09, 2009
The Japanese word for "cow". Also, the most badass Shaman on Burning Legion.
"Holy shit, Meushi just soloed that entire 60+ instance at level 28!"
by eulo May 12, 2006
A suffix to words (associated with '1337 speak') that adds emphisis, also implies that it is a cereal.
by eulo July 10, 2005
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