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to somehow combine cheese with sex.
I had chex with my boyfriend last night...
by Darth Lydius January 10, 2008
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An act of fornication which involves a man with a short squat penis colloquially referred to as a 'chode.' The word chode is a portmanteau of the words 'sex' and 'chode.'

An orgy involving more than one man possessing a chode can be referred to as chex mix.
Mary learned that big things come in small and wide packages during a hot, raw, and steamy session of chex
by wwx May 29, 2011
A shortened term for Chat Sex.
"Hey girl, wanna have some chex before we move it to the bed?"
"Hey babe, let's chex and get to know each other better."
by hpmonkey139 August 17, 2011
if you like a car and you want it to be yours say chex. a Pennsylvainia version of thats my car. my homie was eatin Corn Chex on a stoop one day when we was little and we seen a hot car. he said who ever want that car say chex. he said it first so I said double Chex, etc. It spread throughout the city and state.
a Mclaren F1 roll down a street and three kids scream out "chex". then one said double chex and another say triple chex
by TraumaQuadrion February 24, 2009
A suffix to words (associated with '1337 speak') that adds emphisis, also implies that it is a cereal.
by eulo July 10, 2005
impyling that the receiver is grateful for a gift or action that has taken place
Woah, you smacked up that mean son-of-a-bitch that nicked my pint, chex dude!
by Lulu January 31, 2003

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