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When someone you vaguely know or hate sends you a facebook friend request and you don't wish to appear rude or unsociable by ignoring or rejecting the request.

This sometimes happens when you add a new boy or girl friend and their friend who you spoke to briefly at a party sends you a request. The requester knows that you'll be all over facebook informing your friends about your new romance.
You: That bitch Alice sent me a friend request
Bob: oh I don't see we have her as a mutual friend
You: I felt facebook friend threat so I'm just going to ignore it
by eneville July 26, 2010
A "search bubble" is a fact of googling the same problem matter repeatedly and google pre-empting your desired results. When searching for a subject, perhaps panda (mammal) and following links to zoos, further searches for panda (car) bucket seat, may present you with pandas sitting on food buckets.

Many people have suffered search bubble symptoms when browsing political news and find they only get search results for the parties that they follow regularly.
Bob: Have you finished diagnosing the problem with report program
Alex: Sorry Bob, I've been stuck in a search bubble all day
by eneville December 14, 2011
Facetech is a primitive method to communicate without SMS, VoIP, email or IM, in other words, just using verbal/sign face-to-face language. This method of communication is sometimes avoided as there's no logging of conversation so nothing to go back to on Monday morning when everything has been forgotten.
John: Bob isn't answering his email, I've tried texting and skype but he's not replying
Alice: He's over there at his desk, use facetech
by eneville August 27, 2010
Stop Whinging And Get Back To Work. Heavily used in Australia.
Employee: This computer system sucks. We spend all day working around its bugs and we don't get things done.
Manger: SWAGBTW, we don't have money or time to fix it.
by eneville February 16, 2014
A cluster offender is a person who has an incredible ability to offend a large mass of people at the same time usually without any knowledge of what they're doing.

This can often be observed at important gatherings such as parties, weddings and funerals.
(At a wedding)
You: Unless a woman carries my bag for me then she won't be compliant and therefore wont suck my cock
Sally: You're an ass
Pauline: Oh my god you're a cluster offender, we're leaving
by eneville August 04, 2010
iDislike is the automatic response someone makes when they're shown the latest gizmo in the Apple range, such as an iPad or iPhone. Most of the Apple electronic followers have become prone to buying anything with an 'i' prefix. The once interesting and curious has become dull and boring.
Them: Hey bro checkout my new iPad, its just like the iPhone I bought last week but bigger and not suited for outdoors.
You: oh yeah, iDislike
by eneville August 01, 2010
The perchanger is the 'child safe' word for vagina lips. This is often the choice phrase when needing to mention the lower parts of ladies anatomy in front of those who should remain oblivious to the subject matter.
Her: That cream is really burning my perchangers
by eneville September 11, 2011

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