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this is a fun game, so everyone strips down to theres skibbys(aka the least amount of clothes your willing to wear in mixed company) and you turn on the air conditionaing to freezing cold, roll down all the windows and see who lasts the longest, this is ment to be played in the cold, or you can play freeze out how i play, get into your swimsuit, and lay in the snow(prefibly during a blizzard) and see who can stand making a snow angel for the longest.
i pretty much rule at freeze out.
by emy b April 22, 2007
its marijuana. and why so many names for it too? because then we can talk of smoking it with out suspision of authority figures.
see:pot weed grass leafpurple haze stoned baked
my buddies on that 70's show smoke alot of mary jane. and i know why!
by emy b April 22, 2007
a veg head is a vegetarian, i get called a veg head alot because i am an herbavore. but yes. veg head=vegetarian. so people call your vegetarian friends veg heads. haha
tofu and boca are key food groups to veg heads
by emy b April 22, 2007
stands for country and western.
country music
such as amie, save a horse, and much more
most people dont like C&W but i do!
by emy b April 22, 2007
well, if you look in the real dictionary a hoe cake is a corn meal bread. but now...its a term you use to call someone a hoe but make it cute...hoe(any pastry alive) see:
hoe muffin hoe cookie
carly, you are a hoe cake! but i still love you
by emy b April 22, 2007
a popular movie with jim carry i believe it is, in it. a horror flim, it gets its name because 2 divided by 3 is .666
did you see 23 on friday??
by emy b April 22, 2007
its not just pot man...its special pot!
from the jimi hendrix song:
purple haze all in my brain
lately things dont seem the same
acting crazy and i dont know why
scuse me while i kiss the sky.
by emy b April 22, 2007

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