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Sucka, someone who does not have respect(E-40)
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
A simple variation of corn bread, similar to corn pone and ashcakes. Made of corn meal, water and salt, and originally cooked on the flat of a hoe over an open fire, hence the name.
by Allnupe August 04, 2003
two large cheeks of the buttocks
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
a nigga who fronts and acts bitchy.
"Ayyo son, see that nigga over with that fake ass chain on, he a hoecake.
by Caution February 17, 2004
This is some classic ghetto slang that arose from one of John Witherspoons classic routines that can be seen in "Hollywood Shuffle". Hoecake is a cake made from some type of indian recipe, it's called hoecake because in the old days people really cooked them on the blades of hoes.

The whole slang punchline for this was John saying he wants to start marketing hoecakes for his restaurant because, "Hoes gotta eat too!"
"Come on girl and try some of this hoecake, you know hoes gotta eat too!"
by detweeze July 13, 2004
A word commonly used in rural North Carolina to describe a slutty or promiscuous woman. Often paired with "slutmuffin," the term "hoe cakes" is to be used in every day conversation. By composition, hoe cakes are made with licentious batter.
"God, Rachel is being such a hoe cake for not coming antique shopping with us!"
by Dickinson April 12, 2008
A girl who is very attractive that flirts with you alot, but has been or is a hoe. you cannot resist her but you take the risk of her being a hoe to you.
Man that girl over there is scrumcious!
Yeah to bad she's a Hoecake
by Special agent22 April 23, 2011

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