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One who does not consume meat.
AKA a vegetarian
"Woah man you don't eat meat!?!"
"Yah.. I'm a veg head"
by Amanda2291 November 11, 2007
one who does not eat meat, typically hippies and animal rights activists. though veg head is somewhat of an insult. we prefer the name vegetarian.
dude: num num num... hey you want a bite of my burger?

vegetarian: No I'm a vegetarian.

dude: veg head! how do you live like that!
by silvrrstarr February 24, 2009
Someone who does not eat meat. Also known as a vegetarian.
"You don't eat meat?!?!"
"Yup.. I'm a veg-head."
by AmandaSayWhat August 29, 2007
someone who is a vegitarian
that girl is giving out peta phaplets she is such a veghead!
by yuck March 22, 2005
a veg head is a vegetarian, i get called a veg head alot because i am an herbavore. but yes. veg head=vegetarian. so people call your vegetarian friends veg heads. haha
tofu and boca are key food groups to veg heads
by emy b April 22, 2007

A person under the influence of marijuana
Hey veghead, what's up?
by That one crazy kid November 16, 2006

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