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zot is the singular, zots is plural. a CIGARETTE PAPPER is rolled up into a stick the end of it its chewed/mosined to make up a spit ball . Then is tossed up to stick on the ceiling. This likely has other names . However the name ZOTS is popular with meny folks in canada (southern ontario specificly)

How to make zots
_lick cigarette papper across the botton edge oppisite from the glue strip
_holing it agaist your index fingers

roll upward with your thumbs till the bottom edge catches (rolls up tigh like a tooth pick.
-continue that all the way across the bottom
_with a littlle less presure roll up the cigarette papper firm BUT NOT TOO TIGHT.
allow a little pin hole of space not to make a tight stick that wont turn spitball like at the tip
_ moisen and chew on the end enough so it looks like a Q tip
_now it is ready to be tossed UNDERHAND upwards with a snap of the wrist.
_it makes a snappy sound when it hits the ceiling and should hang downwards.
that is a zot.
then add more to _MAKE ZOTS.

we rolled up CIGARETTE PAPPER (ROLLIES) into sticks, chewed on the ends of them (making the tips like spit balls) (Q tip) a tossed them (underhand) upwards so they stick to the ceiling.

We zoted the ceiling.

people call zots "those things on the ceiling"
by electromagneticgroove May 12, 2009
a typing error or mistake due to the intoxication of smoking to much marijuana
Dude , I went to Fredom fest and got so baked that I posted a face book status with a dest in it.
by electromagneticgroove May 02, 2010
a tween with strong concern about the environmental issues, eco justice, direct action hippie ideals or green anarchism .
parents were amazed that there little twippie's were capable of organizing a protest when there school wanted to switch to disposable cutlery in the cafeteria .
by electromagneticgroove May 24, 2010
when a car crashes into a house.This is a growing trend! Some suggest that it is related to text messaging wile driving . it would explain the gross misjudgment of managing to crash into something so big and so off the road
another car crashed into a house again! oh man. ya can we go more then a month with out hearing about a carintohouse episode. guess not. drive -text-crash into house.it must be good for the economy.
by electromagneticgroove June 22, 2010
Dangerous effect of an Absorption drunk by method of alcohol soaked tampon inserted into body cavity .
Getting tambomed or absorption drunk is a dangerous way to get way to drunk with little alcohol. When you drink it filters through the stomach and the liver. However when using the method of getting "Tambombed" or absorption alcohol from a body cavity is a direct but unsafe method of getting drunk using a tampon soaked in booze.
by electromagneticgroove April 19, 2011
absorption drunk being drunk or (bombed) by method of an alcohol soaked tampon inserted into the vagina or anus.
the absorption drunk is a way to be drunk without it being on you breath . " Hey lets get tambombed and go to the school dance. This way we wont get caught."
by electromagneticgroove April 13, 2011
ankle corsets for concealing ones kankles
his Kankles where so large they rubbed against the chain of his bike, kankle-kadabra fixed the problem
by electromagneticgroove December 31, 2009

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