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US children's TV show that was especially popular in the 70s. It took place in a kindergarten classroom and featured an uptight teacher named Ms. Suzy or something who would always make the kids say grace before they ate and also there was some guy who dressed up as a giant bee by the name of Do-Bee. He was supposed to set a good example for the kids ("Do be a Do-bee") but was very likely a pedophile.
I stayed home from school sick and got to watch Romper Room
by greekmonkey February 28, 2005
a kids TV program that aired in the 70s, maybe 80s too. Now it is a slang term for something that insults people's intelligence and is just a batch of hokey happy horseshit.
That employees meeting this afternoon was a load of stupid bullshit. It was so Romper Room.
by Starpunk January 12, 2008
Room in a frat house used for sexual purposes, rape, orgy, etc.
Term was prominate in the late 70's through the 80's.
by Steve June 11, 2004
A program made for little kids that a woman by the name of Francis developed.
Romper room, play with blocks.
by Alexi September 06, 2003
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