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noun; Urban Dictionary editors. It can be pronounced like the word "editors," or with a short "u" sound, like "mud." UDitors are the arbiters of what goes in or stays out of this website. We come from all walks of life and from around the world. Our common bond is a commitment to documenting the changing vocabulary of today's world
The UDitors are trying to publish only worthy bits of slang, while also trying to remove slanderous and hurtful defs that snuck through in the past. Soon no one will have to read what kind of a bad person he or she is.
by earpuller January 15, 2006
noun 1: in general, a put-down for Milwaukee.
noun 2: specifically, in the early 80s (and for many years previously) Milwaukee had a unique, nauseating odor. It was a combination of brewery smells, general industrial funk, and the scent of dead alewives (a fish of some sort). Now the brewers are almost all gone (none are downtown anymore), most of the industries have cleaned up or moved away, and the alewives? Who knows!! Who cares!!
meaning 1-
guy from west alice-shit! I just got transferred to downtown smegwaukee!! fuck it, i'm moving to racine.
guy from creamfield (or creamdale)-don't forget kenosha!! That's where they used to make Ramblers.
meaning 2-
guy from snorewood: goin' to smegwaukee tonight?
guy from whitefolks bay: fuck that shit-i can smell that stuff just by lifting the toilet seat.
girl from fuquon-or by sniffing my snatch!!
guy from phlegmdale-ok, you're on, baby!!!
by earpuller September 17, 2005
the practice of preventing another driver from changing lanes. specifically, when a driver wants to change lanes while through-travelling, but finds himself stuck behind slower traffic, he may wish to pass the other vehicle. a lane blocker, however, will find a way to keep the passing driver stuck in postition, making it impossible for the passing driver to get around safely. usually this is a passive action, as opposed to on-ramp blocking or offramp blocking; often the offending driver is unaware of the faster car wanting to go past (often because the offender is talking on a cell phone.)
eric: come on man, just pass this truck! we're going to be late for the concert!
derrick: i can't pass him! the damned avalon in front of us is lane blocking me!
eric: flash your high-beams to get his attention!
derrick: i tried, but he's talking on his cell phone! must be more important than driving safely.
eric: what a dumbass bastard}!
by earpuller July 02, 2006
interjection: used to indicate that a situation may cause someone to go ballistic, postal, or otherwise angry beyond all reason. Usually used in a light-hearted manner; saying it when someone is actually about to go ballistic could be the last straw for that person. The term can also be used by magicians, particularly those who specialize in pyrotechnics.
mart: mr. scheckter was so pissed off at you that he was turning red and shaking like a bowl of jello.
bart: yeah, good thing the bell rang, or he would have gone ballistico on me.

The Amazing Kargol:.......and now we add the final ingredient and *blast* "BALLISTICO"
Janet: why, that's amazing, Kargol!!
by earpuller November 02, 2005
The tendency of slow-moving cars to converge and prevent faster cars from getting past. Much like a blood clot, the traffic clotcan cause serious trouble unless it is treated quickly. Even on a three- or four-lane freeway, a traffic clot can occur at any time, slowing down other motorists and leading to things like road rage.
ernie: sorry i'm late, buddy, but i was making great time on the tollway until i got caught behind a traffic clot.
bernie: oh man, those suck! how many old hyundais were there?
ernie: three, plus an old couple in an avalon, a civic with go-fast decals and a fart can exhaust, and five minivans.
bernie: they need a separate lane for traffic clots.
ernie: yeah, they could call it the "by-pass!!"
by earpuller June 11, 2006
committing an act of such uselessness that it has negative value.
pete: so why did you loan that douchebag $500? he already owes you $2500 for that car he bought from you!
clete: well, he promised if he hit it big at the casino, he'd give me double the money he owes me, so i figured "what the hell?"
pete: it's bad enough you buy this guy's bull shit, but ignoring his past is like giving a flashlight to a blind man. next time, just burn your spare cash.
by earpuller November 17, 2010
after looking up the info you need on Wikipedia, you click on random, interesting-looking links, reading new stuff, until you find yourself reading about something totally unrelated to your original subject.
i looked up "mickey mantle" on Wikipedia. when i was done, i clicked on "new york yankee players," then "world series champions," then on "brooklyn dodgers," then on "leo durocher," then on "laraine day" then on " famous mormons," then on "donny osmond," then on "tv stars of the 70's," then on "david soul", then on "starsky and hutch," then on "tv cars," then on "ford torino," then on "torino talledega," then on "richard petty," then on "stock car champions," then on "alan kulwicki," then on "famous persons from wisconsin," then on "jeffery dahmer," then on "serial killers," then on "howard unruh," then on "camden, new jersey," then on "campbell soup," and then i realized i had just wasted the last three hours wiki-wandering!
by earpuller September 12, 2009

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