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The tendency of slow-moving cars to converge and prevent faster cars from getting past. Much like a blood clot, the traffic clotcan cause serious trouble unless it is treated quickly. Even on a three- or four-lane freeway, a traffic clot can occur at any time, slowing down other motorists and leading to things like road rage.
ernie: sorry i'm late, buddy, but i was making great time on the tollway until i got caught behind a traffic clot.
bernie: oh man, those suck! how many old hyundais were there?
ernie: three, plus an old couple in an avalon, a civic with go-fast decals and a fart can exhaust, and five minivans.
bernie: they need a separate lane for traffic clots.
ernie: yeah, they could call it the "by-pass!!"
by earpuller June 11, 2006
a straight woman who uses the old "i'm a lesbian" line to put off an undesirable (at least in her eyes) guy who is hitting on her. actually, she wouldn't munch the carpet if her life depended on it, but she figures it's better to give a phony excuse to the bozo than to tell him the truth and have it turn out he's a heavily-armed psychopath.
ben: uh, hey jen, would you like to go to the movies with me tomorrow night?
jen: sorry, ben. i guess you didn't know i'm gay. but thanks anyway! (walks quickly ot the other side of the room.)
len: who was that creep? want me to smash his face in for you?
jen: no, he's okay. i just told him i'm a dike and his boner went all soft.
len: wow, you're a real situational lesbian, aren't you? wanna let me fuck your brains out? whoa, looks like i'm too late!
by earpuller November 19, 2010
ebonics (niglish) term for the intersection of Fourth Street and North Avenue in Milwaukee.
whenever the police need a suspect to arrest for any crime on the north side of Milwaukee, all they have to do is grab the first likely looking brother hanging around fofe'n'nofe. of course that pisses off the natives........
by earpuller November 16, 2010
Among diecast car collectors, the term "Greenlighting" is rapidly catching on. It refers to activities related to the collecting of Greenlight diecast car models. Diehard fans join the "Under-The-Hood" club, a forum for zealous Greenlight enthusiasts which is very laid-back and a fun place for collectors of all types to just hang out and relax. Coined by a UTH member, falcongtho3, an active member of the club (there are over 1300 of us, and growing steadily.)
todd: so whatcha doin' tonight, dude?
rod: after work i'm going to the toy store to find some new models-everyone is releasing new diecasts in time for christmas.
todd: looking for anything in particular?
rod: Greenlights, of course! when i get home i'll log into the Under The Hood club to do some "Greenlighting."
todd: sounds cool! maybe i should check it out!
rod: no doubt!
by earpuller December 09, 2010
a car with one headlight burned out. it's tough to see one at night because you don't know which side is working, possibly leading to a head-on collision.
last night, while coming home, i almost wrecked my car swerving to avoid a cyclops coming at me on the wrong side of the road.
by earpuller September 13, 2009
the feeling one may have just as he or she hits the "post" button at UD talk or on the UD wall. just like closing the barn door after the horse has fled!
gee, you'd think all these defs i've published, all the talk posts, and all the stuff i've written on the UD wall should have given me a severe case of poster's remorse........nah, screw 'em all!!!
by earpuller July 20, 2006
noun: 1. a paper bag supplied by airlines in case of air sickness.
2. a person who seems about as attractive as such an item.
1. passenger on airplane-whew, I feel sick to my stomach! I've gotta use the barf bag..........(RALPH).........man, shoulda used dramamine.....(SPEW)................
2. upset citizen-hey, barf bag! Keep yer fucking dog off my lawn and turn down that god-damned radio!!! And get a haircut!!!
by earpuller October 06, 2005

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