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This expression means to make a catastrophic error or failure.
Watch him screw the pooch at the last minute and the deal fall through.
by Duckbutt January 28, 2006
An ineffectual person; someone who is afraid of risk or shrinks from conflict.
Only a candyass drinks lite beer; heroes specify Guinness!
by Duckbutt November 09, 2004
The mythical hairy man-beast allegedly living in the Honey Island Swamp in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.
Ever since Katrina, no one's seen the Wookie any more; chances are that he shaved and moved to Dallas and will start for the Cowboys.
by Duckbutt March 04, 2006
1. An insignificant or mediocre person.

2. A tiny black ant, sometimes called a 'sugar ant.' It is called this because this type of ant is a favorite target in urinals.
Monty Python wrote the Philosopher's Song in which they declared that 'Immanuel Kant was an old pissant.' I agree.
by Duckbutt November 09, 2006
The pleasure experienced when a member of an opposed political party is experiencing embarassment or disfunction.
The Lewinsky affair generated much political schadenfreude within the G.O.P.
by Duckbutt January 01, 2004
This is the perfect storm of government, in which there is simultaneous failure of all three levels of government: local, state, and federal.
The handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was a clusterfuck trifecta par excellence.
by Duckbutt July 25, 2006
Periphrastic speech for flying fuck, usually preceded by "I don't give a . . . . ".
I don't give an airborne coitus what Massachuetts senators think!
by Duckbutt November 20, 2005

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