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Void Rays, a protoss ship.
Protoss usually build VR's on macro maps.
by DantoraMandova August 30, 2010
Video response

Hey what's your favorite color? vr please.
by wzasexdrcfvygy March 17, 2013
Short for VR6 a 6 cylinder VW performance engine. Found in the Bora, GLX and other high end Volkswagens.
That Vr Jetta sure can peel the tires!
by Gnomey January 18, 2007
Velvet Revolver, a current rock group formed by members of Guns N' Roses and Stone Temple Pilots
Hey did you catch the VR concert last night?

Did you hear that new VR song? It kicks ass.
by acb November 14, 2005
An online relationship between pixels , usually in an mmorpg.
nub1: pmg!@!111 mi bf is s0 h4wt!
nub2: 1s h3 r1ch?
nub1: yh, vrs pwn!@!1
by nabbi December 04, 2007
AKA VAGINAL RETARDATION: An extreme diss that no one can come back from. Showing symptoms of VR include, but are not limited to: acting retarted, being a pussy, and/or just acting annoying for no fucking reason at all.
Man, don't you think James is being a real VR today?
by Jame Haagesonn March 10, 2009
An ownage clan will dominate your ass.
Hey look it's a clan with 399 options dropping people left right and center, must be vr.
by Matty1190 August 26, 2008
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