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the back of your jeans that get taddered up from rubbing on the ground when you walk.
"Dude your jeans are all taddered up."

"Ya, bra that is my Jean's Mullet."

"Jean's Mullet?"

"No doubt, business up front, party in the rear."

by drewhoj October 07, 2009
The celebration held after you and your friend decide to be besties/BFFs.
After Jill and I decided to be besties we immediatly threw ourselves a bestival right afterward to celebrate. EPIC!!
by Drewhoj August 30, 2009
A phrase to use when somebody tells you something that you wish to offer no response to but have to say something.
"My mother died when I was three after my step-dad killed her."

"Dang, that is a hell of a deal"
by drewhoj September 22, 2009
Another name for Arapahoe Basin ski area in Montezuma, CO
"Where do you want to going sking today?"

"Ay Bay Bay, son!"

by drewhoj October 07, 2009
when somebody puts there hand on a greasey pizza and proceeds to give a handjob with the now greased hand.
"this girl just dipped her hand on my pizza and proceeded to give me the best handjob ever. So EPIC!!"

"Dude, you just got an Italian Job. That is EPIC."
by drewhoj May 24, 2009

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