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used to describe something that is unsatisfactory, cheap, or bad quality
"Your car sounds so bad it's Kroger Brand!"
by dreadtoad December 10, 2008
short for chicago, pronounced like cog
let's hit up the cag this weekend, I love the windy city
by dreadtoad March 18, 2010
the second girl of the night you had sex with, as if it was an afterthought.
i had sex with lucy and cindy tonight. cindy was really just an afterfuck though
by dreadtoad January 27, 2010
Redundant; pointless; foolish
After a 30 minute conversation about toothpicks, we all decided it was just too fur, and changed topics.
by dreadtoad November 25, 2010
verb. To rape someone twice
noun. A double rape
Man, getting raped really sucked, but at least-- damnit a strawdog- got raped twice.
by dreadtoad January 09, 2012

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