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The aroma one has after recently engaging in sexual activity. Usually the scent of sweaty balls, ass and vagina.

Note: Your partner may enjoy this smell. Your co-workers do not.
Jay - Hey Onya...Why are you so late to work?

Onya - Oh I was busy...

Jay - Ew..wha...What is that smell. You smell like sex...No. You smell like afterfuck!

Onya - Okay...So like I said...I was BUSY!
by dirtynap December 30, 2007
the second girl of the night you had sex with, as if it was an afterthought.
i had sex with lucy and cindy tonight. cindy was really just an afterfuck though
by dreadtoad January 27, 2010
the person you would actually want to talk to or cuddle with after having sex, as opposed to the person you actually want to have sex with
Alan's body is gross, but he would be a good afterfuck.
by raffster772 January 25, 2011

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