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1. Violent aliens from the various Star Trek TV shows.
2. Nerds who think they are violent aliens.
3. Poo stuck to your ass hair; dingleberries.
Q: how is the starship Enterprise like a piece of toilet paper?
A: they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
1. The opening through which urine is discharged in the male or female genitals.
2. Anyplace where urinating is occuring.
I went to the peehole to drain the lizard
Robert Mapplethorpe liked to put things up his peehole.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
A rectum, butthole, asshole, etc.
I'm going to church to tear that mouthy reverend a new cornchute.
That kid from down the street tried to go up my sister's cornchute, I'm gonna break his jaw with a tire iron!
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
1.one who inserts their hand into another's anus.
2. a homosexual man.
3. an idiot or jackass.
That Sid in marketing is a real turd fondler, I'd like to slit his throat.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
1. Anything that does not exist.
2. What liars are full of.
That guy at the taco stand told me he was Jordan from 80's bubblegum pop band "New Kids on the Block". He is a lying sack of Siberian snake shit.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
1. Member of freak-metal band Gwar.
2. A particularly voluminous male ejaculation.
Did you see Gusher Jizzmax give Bob from the mail room the ole gusher jizzmax?! Best office Christmas party ever!
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
Brown, low grade marijuana grown in Mexico.
That sonafabitch charged me seventy bucks for a quarter of dried up taco weed.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006

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