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What you are if you dont agree with the left wing agenda.
You mean you dont want to give half your paycheck to crack addicts and prostitutes,you must be a racist.
by DR May 03, 2005
Stretch marks Look likes scars/or veins,
When they first appear they are red and purple and can be engraved indented, stretch marks will fade out with time,

They are Caused from pregnancy/with sudden growth sperts and when repid weight loss Or gain occurs, basically they appear when there is not enough skin, or to much skin, for your weight!

Stretch marks are like scars in the respect that they will never completely disappear,
Things like bio-oil and coco nut oil do help fade them,

The only stretch marks that can be removed are the ones on the stomach, They can be removed with a tummy tuck,
The ones on your breats can be removed with a breast reduction or breast lift/ and on the ones on arms may me amendable, but will leave severe scaring from the operation
Stretch marks can appear - On the abdominal/ hips / behind the knees/ on arms/ ass and breats!

Also if you are a normal weight and havent had a sudden change in body shape or anything, see your dr and ask for a blood test to make sure your stretch marks arent appearing because of something to do with your hormons,

Go to the dr now befor you get anymore

To all the women out there Don't worry they do fade!!!
by Dr May 05, 2004
The catchiest song... EVER. By Raffi.
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring... BANANA PHONE!
by dr March 11, 2005
The solution for any problem. Originated on the totse.com Bad Ideas forum.
Totse Poster 1: ..Blah blah... So, what should I do now?
by DR February 11, 2005
To strike someone on one or both thier ears with the flat of your palm,this totally destroys thier balance and usually destroys their eardrums if done right.
The mugger attacked me and I boxed his ears sending him down to the street.
by DR March 13, 2005
Short for internet.
Surfin' the net.
by dR December 27, 2003
The single greatest thing it is possible to do with a keyboard. Wonderfully insincere.
*Insert In-joke here*

by DR February 24, 2005

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