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A large uncoordinated individual, generally with a distinct lacking of motor skills. These individuals are also noted to wear cheap replica jerseys more often than would be considered healthy, with a distinct fear of driving cars to unknown places
"**large crash** damnit Luddy!! did you just trip on that same cord again ?!!?"
by DR April 19, 2005
Another word for a woman's vagina.
Ever eaten a bearded oyster or ten pound clam before?
by dR December 27, 2003
Name given by peacekeepers to the participants in the yugoslav civil war in the ninties.
Those freakin Serbs/Croats/Bosnians who commited murders during the war are a bunch of bug munching savages.
by dr March 09, 2006
A turntable scratching technique.
You can scratch, but can you squiggle?
by dR December 27, 2003
a gay kid who can't take a hint
wow that kid is still here after I asked him to leave, and now he is looking at Male porn, he must be a jasiak
by dr March 06, 2003
The almighty ruler of the Crusty Furby empire
Dark_Reaper 0wnz
by DR February 22, 2004
The Goatse emoticon.
<DR> (=EO3=)
<Viper> AHHHH!!!1 MY EYES!
by DR February 10, 2005

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