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5 definitions by doritoboi

To leave, usually by invitation.
You'd best get to steppin'.
by doritoboi May 28, 2004
88 37
A disposable toilet seat cover typically found in public restrooms (see assgasket), so called because of its uncanny resemblance to a Stetson hat when the center is punched out and it is placed upon the head. And, because they're free.
Jimmy prefers the stalls to the urinals, because he always gets a free cowboy hat.
by doritoboi November 04, 2006
31 9
Euphemism used to temporarily excuse oneself from a social gathering--presumably to see how much time is left on the (non-existent) parking meter--in order to do drugs.
"I'll be right back, I gotta check the meter."
by doritoboi May 28, 2004
11 1
Slang for "you have bad breath".
Girl: "Why won't you kiss me?"
Guy: "Cuz yobrefistank."
by doritoboi May 28, 2004
7 1
A Century stand, aka a "C-stand," is a device commonly used in photography and filmmaking to support lights, flags, etc.

A standard C-stand is 40 inches high. A Gary Coleman refers to the 20-inch variety, for use when space is at a premium.
Hey, tell that PA over there to grab me six of those Gary Colemans and a jelly doughnut.
by doritoboi November 04, 2006
33 28