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An American name for males. Stetsons are usually independant, fun loving, curious, and friendly. Stetsons are chick magnets who have thriving love lives because girls can't resist their charm. Stetsons' love matches are girls with names for love, such as Kristen or Amanda. Stetsons are charming, handsome, and intelligent. Men named Stetson are notorious for their large penises.
Stetson was great in bed last night.
This is my son, Stetson.
Stetson here graduated top of his class.
Oh, Stetson! Don't stop! YES! YES! YES!
#sexy #intelligent #musician #perfect #love
by hard_to_handle December 12, 2007
The cologne of the true American ladies man. Stetson is the key to any woman's heart. With it's deep musty smell, it's a classic that will never go out of style. Check out Stetson: Untamed, get it while it's hot people.
Woman: EWW what's that smell!!!?
Stetson Wearer: That's the smell of desire, baby.
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
Cool, sweet or even awesome
yo hommie that hat is stetson
#stettson #stetsin #stetsonn #stetsoon #steetson
by Sir Winston ChurchHill August 21, 2006
A type of hat.
Steers and queers?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
The epitome of douchery. He'll blow his teacher for 5... Extra credit points on the test. If his mouth isn't already wrapped around his teachers cock by the 2nd day you must assess on a case by case basis. Everyone hates him except his teacher who has a whip and his dick in his ass.
What a fuckin Stetson. He's suckin up to his teacher so hard.
#asshole #douche #douchebag #fuckass #dick cheese
by The Trap Lord Jaker March 28, 2014
Old man stink see also: Foagie Funk
Why does that elevator smell like stetson, fucking geezers.
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
an old guy that is a total faggot and is sexually disoriented.
has a mangina, and is allergic to males, and is an all around pervert. ie, keeps a file of information about everyone he meets.
what a fucking stetson
#stetson #gays #fags #faggot #mcfaggot #faggotry
by HotShitzszsz October 24, 2010
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