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A rare mystical being conceived at the nexxus of the Universe at the beginning of time. The Rossen is known now to exist in human form, and has been as such since about the time of US bicentennial. His true identity is known only to and guarded by a protectorate; the Rossen is so fragile and precious that this must be so. What little contact physicists have had with him led them to conclude that he is mostly comprised of Muons and Gluons. The bizarre geneology (in order for the Rossen to take human form, he must be his own uncle) and material consitution that allow this creature to take the human form render him rare, beautiful, and a source of unimaginable power. There is always a risk that the molecular structure will collapse, and the Rossen will annihilate itself. Otherwise, the Rossen is expected to be shaping the events of world history until it decides to travel to another time or dimension.
Rossen is superior to ordinary humanoids.
by PGD October 02, 2006
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