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Reply to a dispute of debt. Common gangsta mantra. Meant to express the non-negotiability of debt.
"The place burned down? Fuck you pay me. Lightning struck? Fuck you, pay me. Slow business? Fuck you, pay me." -Ray Liotta, Goodfellas
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
Profit from the sale of narcotics, prostitution, guns, or other illegal activities. Money that needs to be laundered.
Don't put your dirty money in the bank or else the IRS will get you like they got Capone.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
Misogynist /məˈsäjənəst/
noun - (when called by a woman) - Anyone no longer naive enough to be exploited by women.

(Alternatively, when called by another man) - Anyone in competition for the same women.
"I wore the skimpiest thing I own, and he still didn't beg me to let him buy me dinner. What a misogynist!"

"Don't date that other guy, he's a misogynist. Not like me, I'm a totally pussywhipped, manipulative douchebag who tells women what they want to hear all the time, so I can bang as many of them at once as possible."
by doktorj October 13, 2014
1. A condom or other contraceptive
2. A gun, knife, or other weapon
3. A form of extortion whereupon the victim agrees to pay his 'protector' not to beat or otherwise harm him. Old school organized crime scam.
4. Clemency from authorities via political or other connections.
1. Before you bang that nasty ho you better have protection.
2. I ain't goin out after dark in this hood without protection.
3. Vinnie hit up the shopkeep for his protection money.
4. "Fuck you, man. I can sell this crack all I want. I got protection."
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
Glass tube with a bubble on the end and a carb hole, sold as a means to burn liquid incense, but actually used to smoke meth, crank, or ice.
Julio asked the smokeshop manager for an incense burner so he could buy a meth pipe without violating any laws.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
The process of funneling money from the wealthy to the ghetto via drug sales to yuppie children.
Rich cokeheads put food on hungry kids' tables through the robin hood dope game.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
A woman of ill repute, who has slept with so many others, her genitalia has acquired a foul smell.
"The witness can't be trusted because she is a stank ho. She stank like a million other dudes, Your Honor."
by doktorj October 26, 2014
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