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A woman of ill repute, who has slept with so many others, her genitalia has acquired a foul smell.
"The witness can't be trusted because she is a stank ho. She stank like a million other dudes, Your Honor."
by doktorj October 26, 2014
Lecture given to underling drug dealer when said employee cannot come up with the consignment money owed to their boss that particular week. Such conditions of underling cash flow shortage can delay the Boss's re-up process and really screw up business, especially when occurring on a Friday.

Speech often begins with: "This ain't a good Friday for you not to be havin my money."
It was time for me to re-up and nigga couldn't pay me for what I fronted him, so I had to give him the Good Friday speech.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005

To recognize via the revelations of smacktification.
I had to smacktify the situation in order to make those bitches smackognize.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
Marijuana slang:

When the word 'neighbor' is used as a reservation for the second hit of a joint, another person in the circle can optionally call 'neighbor after neighbor', which garuntees him or her the third hit. Some circles even allow 'neighbor after neighbor after neighbor'. This practice can result in very impractical, convoluted rotations which are usually forgotten about halfway through the joint.

Many circles do not honor 'neighbor after neighbor' and it usually has to be argued for. But, if smoking in a large group of people its the best way to get a quicker turn if you forget to call neighbor.

Some smokers opt out of the whole 'neighbor' system and instead adhere fanatically to Bob Marley's advice 'Pass the Dutchie to the Left Hand Side". These people are soulless robots with no imagination.
After Lynn called 'neighbor', Jon called 'neighbor after neighbor', which made him 3rd in rotation, despite the fact that he was way across the room and there were a bunch of people between him and the joint.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
1. To steal (esp. land or real estate)
2. To make a bold or agressive move towards ones objective, often used in business or driving terms.
1. Yoink! I ganked your doughnut. Kyke Move!
2. Roy is such a crazy driver, he was pulling kyke moves all over the freeway!
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
Misogynist /məˈsäjənəst/
noun - (when called by a woman) - Anyone no longer naive enough to be exploited by women.

(Alternatively, when called by another man) - Anyone in competition for the same women.
"I wore the skimpiest thing I own, and he still didn't beg me to let him buy me dinner. What a misogynist!"

"Don't date that other guy, he's a misogynist. Not like me, I'm a totally pussywhipped, manipulative douchebag who tells women what they want to hear all the time, so I can bang as many of them at once as possible."
by doktorj October 13, 2014
One hundred ecstacy tablets.
I just bought a c lot, lets go to the club and make some ends!
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005

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