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Newly defined political party. Crazier splinter group from the main Grand Old Psychotic party.
Don't want tax increases = Tea party
Join with the largest (ultra) conservative group (Republicans)
Trying to CON the American people into believing that the Teapublicans are working for THEM and not Big Business.
Ron: "Does anyone know what the TeapubliCONS agenda is?"

Paul: "Yeah, it's get rid of Obama even if they have to destroy the whole US to do it.
by docsterx July 30, 2011
What happens to a woman after her health insurer is allowed to terminate her contraception choices under Romney's direction.
"Jen's birth control pills got slashed from her healthcare because of religious and budget issues."

"What's she gonna do?"

"Try to not have a Mittconception."
by docsterx July 21, 2012
A weak, fake, snide "retraction" of all or part of a statement made by conservative after his feet are held to the fire.
Republican apology-

Republican: "She is a stupid, fat, lazy, slut who has no integrity!"

Attorney: "Mr. Limpball, my client is prepared to take legal action in regard to that statement."

Republican: "My remarks certainly weren't meant to be insulting; she must have misunderstood me <wink, smirk, nod>."

Audience member: "Damned, if that wasn't a real republican apology!"
by docsterx July 21, 2012
PolLunatic Fringe - those candidates for office who only have a vague contact with reality.
Palin, Santorum and Bachmann are so out of touch with reality they're charter members of the PolLunatic Fringe.
by docsterx June 28, 2011
A long period of silence or confused babble in response to a simple question. Done to allow the person to come up with some kind of desperate, plausible response.

Denoting that the Republican presidential candidate has no clue how to answer the question except to use one of the Republican's stock phrases like "President Obama did it wrong." Also known as brain fart, senior moment, Santorum Stumble, Michele Melt-down, Gingrich Gaffe, Mitt Muddle, a Rick Rest-period, etc.
When the Herminator got asked about his possible inappropriate sexual behavior with former female staffers in the National restaurant Association, he got really quiet for a long time. Then he said, "I thought they wanted me to hold the pepperoni!" Later he called that a "powerful pause."
by docsterx November 24, 2011

Speaking like Mitt Romney. Boring, pointless droning on political topics with minimal show of emotion and frozen facial expression as he lies and changes political stances from minute to minute. Listening first produces a zombie-like state followed by unconsciousness.
A mitteration:

I am strongly in favor of a woman's right to choose.

(Next day) Unless she chooses an abortion.

(Two days later) Or to marry another woman.

(Three days late) Women shouldn't need to choose anything, they should be subservient to their husbands.
by docsterx September 13, 2012
The limbic system in the brain is the seat of many emotions: wildness, uninhibited sex, rage, cravings, addictions, happiness and more. It's an "older" part of the brain found in animals and humans

When the limbic system is activated, the person can turn into a real animal: hypersexual, raging, laughing, craving, just uninhibited and wild in general.
Jim was so pissed when that car T-boned him he went totally limbic and flattened the other driver.

Tina was really horny. I barely had the door closed when she went totally limbic and tried to rip my pants off.
by docsterx October 17, 2011

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