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A fundamental belief of Mitt Romney's, based on mistaken understanding of an issue (one of many).
"Romney wants to eliminate President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and stated that doing so will IMPROVE racial inequities in healthcare?! What a Mittconception - actually said that at the NAACP Annual Convention too!!"

"Mitt Romney says he's unemployed? Dude, that's another Mittconception. He has no idea what it's like to depend on a weekly paycheck."
by VGBaby July 16, 2012
What happens to a woman after her health insurer is allowed to terminate her contraception choices under Romney's direction.
"Jen's birth control pills got slashed from her healthcare because of religious and budget issues."

"What's she gonna do?"

"Try to not have a Mittconception."
by docsterx July 21, 2012
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