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A real website
Dictionary.com is a real website, as opposed to those wanna-bes.
by dictionary April 09, 2003
Word used to replace surname "Sullivan" when the person is of Australian origin
Can be used to infer Homosexuality
Can also be used to infer obscene intelligence but great lack of common sense
You're such a Shallivan
by dictionary April 23, 2005
A synonym for night.
"Good benk!"
"Good bonk? No, no, no, good benk!"
by Dictionary April 07, 2005
Technically, this is the acronym A.S.O.A.S.F.A.W.N, which breaks down into "and so on and so forth and what not"!

Synonym: Etc.
Origin: IM conversation.
Deeper Origin: Derived from a line on MST3k's Prince of Space episode.
I like pies, and cakes, and sweets... you know, aso as fawn!
by Dictionary January 30, 2005
A Very Ownage person, he is the sexiest teenager alive today, and loves to do stuff with friends.

He owns at Counterstrike:Source

Every Girl thinks hes the best
Oooo look at gunriot, hes sooo sexy!!

Damm look at him, i want to suck him

oo big feet mean, big ****

dam, i must ask him for his #
by Dictionary November 27, 2004
adj. 1) To be unshakeable
2) To be unfrightenable
dainevaskae, its football time.
by Dictionary June 07, 2004
To fuck vegeta up the ass is kuroudos fantasy.
Kuroudo fucks vegeta up the ass
by Dictionary December 26, 2004
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