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Sexually explocit pictures, writing, or other material of people who are between birth and puberty, in which the primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

Pictures of a 12 year old child having sex with another child/adult or masturbating would be considered Child Pornography.

Pictures of a 12 year old child naked in a non-sexual stance, wouldn't be considered Child Pornography.

Pictures of a 14 year old having sex with another person the same age or above, would NOT be considered child pornography by definition. Mainly because a 14 year old, is not a child.
by Dictionary July 16, 2004
721 319
A pretty place with coal and steel and rivers.
Pittsburgh was the coolest place to go when we were young and bored and single.
by dictionary April 09, 2003
504 236
Dangerous when wet
The girl had on a wet t-shirt and all I could think about was what I would do after we got it off.
by dictionary April 09, 2003
149 49
Always Attentive and Caring
Makes people happy and has a Great personality
Cute like a Panda Bear
by Dictionary January 05, 2005
143 46
a pretty girl that is kool and the best!!!
Thuyyyyy! its meeee BlackMAsk
by dictionary January 30, 2005
203 114
A student at Deerfield Academy and the exact opposite of a Choatie, a Deerfieldian is the quitessential student, setting the standard for manners, itellegence, class, and dress.
The Deerfieldians soundly defeated the Choaties at the football game last satuday.
by dictionary April 08, 2005
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