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To fuck vegeta doggy style up the ass.
Kuroudo grabs Vegeta and fucks his doggy
by Dictionary December 26, 2004
A wrong way to spell ossificatory
He just spelled oscificatory instead of spelling a real word!
by dictionary April 09, 2003
1. An extremely hot girl who is not aware of her supreme sexiness.
2. A girl who is lusted over by many a sophmore boy (and girl, possibly)

Sbecky is so hot, no wonder Tom and 15 other people love her!
by Dictionary August 17, 2003
A sound that evil/wicked people say
*scoff* *scoff* i hearby to kill you all.
by Dictionary March 18, 2003
A gift given to you by a pothead.
(11:10pm) * DAlastDON gives fix a proze
by Dictionary February 19, 2003
Ju ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sks)
noun. ju
adj. ju.ha.i.er, ju·ha·i·est
1)A combination of the characters; intelligenct, funny, sexy, hot, amibitious and caring.
3)Slang. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive.
“Gaadam...yo shit is tiiiight. It's da Juuuu” (Anonymous).
by Dictionary January 26, 2004
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