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To fuck vegeta doggy style up the ass.
Kuroudo grabs Vegeta and fucks his doggy
by Dictionary December 26, 2004
1. An extremely hot girl who is not aware of her supreme sexiness.
2. A girl who is lusted over by many a sophmore boy (and girl, possibly)

Sbecky is so hot, no wonder Tom and 15 other people love her!
by Dictionary August 17, 2003
To fuck vegeta up the ass is kuroudos fantasy.
Kuroudo fucks vegeta up the ass
by Dictionary December 26, 2004
n. a cool nickname
Every guy I know named Hack turned out to be OK.
by dictionary April 09, 2003
Ju ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sks)
noun. ju
adj. ju.ha.i.er, ju·ha·i·est
1)A combination of the characters; intelligenct, funny, sexy, hot, amibitious and caring.
3)Slang. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive.
“Gaadam...yo shit is tiiiight. It's da Juuuu” (Anonymous).
by Dictionary January 26, 2004
A Very Ownage person, he is the sexiest teenager alive today, and loves to do stuff with friends.

He owns at Counterstrike:Source

Every Girl thinks hes the best
Oooo look at gunriot, hes sooo sexy!!

Damm look at him, i want to suck him

oo big feet mean, big ****

dam, i must ask him for his #
by Dictionary November 27, 2004
A sound that evil/wicked people say
*scoff* *scoff* i hearby to kill you all.
by Dictionary March 18, 2003