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65 definitions by dick

to take a shit or to otherwise defecate
Where's the bathroom cause I gotta snap one
by dick February 15, 2005
The prisoner dropped the soap and the inmates began to melander him
by dick August 18, 2003
A rare entertaining, non-sexual maneuver in which you whip out your saggy dauber and flail it about; preferably in front of some chick's face.
zipppp.....flop....FLAP FLAP FLAP...."HEY!"
by dick August 25, 2003
H@xx0r talk for neener or 9mm.
You got the n33n3r?
by Dick March 20, 2003
to masturbate like a cockney
"i bashed last night while finkin of you innit"
by Dick September 28, 2004
to move without hestitation; to react with foreknowledge of the need to act quickly; an intuitive act of impulsion
I got to blastrak to Vergennes before my shizzle bananarama fo hizzle
by Dick November 19, 2003
OR one crazy ass Asian.
Pomela is a CRASIAN who gets a 99 on her math midterm.
by Dick November 01, 2004