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An imaginary dictionary that contains all the made-up words spoken by George W. "Dubya" Bush.
Dexi: Hey you guys know that drug Abilify?
Grim: yeah?
Dexi: Doesn't that sound like a word from the Dubya Dictionary?
by Dexi December 23, 2008
A person subjected to execution by use of the electric chair.
The next guy in line on Death Row is soon to be Texas Toast.

Guy 1: "Did you hear about that murderer?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, convicted. He's Texas Toast now!"
by dexi March 01, 2010
N. The emotion you feel when something is really really cool and really really horrible at the same time.

V. The act of making one feel the noun above.

Proper usage is in all capital letters, as the word refers to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

(for more information, see the cracked.com article '6 New Weapons That You Literally Cannot Hide From')
I couldn't be any more DARPA right now.

Reading that article totally DARPA'd me.
by dexi April 04, 2010
Similar to Hold That Thought, when a conversation is taking place in person and one conversant must separate from the other, however, instead of a conversation being postponed until a later time, the conversation is continued via SMS.
Conversant A: "So Joey turned to Mary and said..."
Conversant B: "Yeah yeah, text that thought, time for work!"
by dexi April 21, 2010
The irritation felt on your tongue after eating too much sugary/sour candy.
I just finished my third bag of Sour Patch Kids and I have a really bad case of sugartongue.
by Dexi June 09, 2011
The long line of automobiles driving down the road behind a cop due to the person at the front of the line being too scared to go faster than the cop.
I'll be a few minute's late, I'm at the caboose end of a coptrain right now.
by Dexi September 11, 2009
Being addicted to something electronic, usually the internet, but also commonly a video game or cell phone.

Pronounced like Even, as opposed to Edward.
Guy 1: "Dude your girlfriend called, she wants to know if you're going to dinner tonight."

Guy 2: "Yeah......hang on.......killing this boss(5)......"

Guy 1: "You're so Edicted dude..."
by Dexi February 17, 2009
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