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The term used when religious folk give 10% of their earnings to their church. Most churches REQUIRE tithing as part of a membership. Tithe is also what makes religion like any other cult
Christian: My church makes me tithe. But I get to spend an eternity in Heaven.

Jimmy: But your children don't even have enough to eat.

Christian: But the cul...err..church I belong to needs the money to squader on useless councils and new uniforms for our worship team.
by DesPERRYado November 02, 2004
A philosophy that people should act in order to increase the frequency and longevity of pleasure throughout the world. Although the idea acting to increase long-term and global pleasure sounds desirable, Utilitarians believe that the pleasure of many outweigh pleasure of few. A Utilitarian may believe that killing one person in order to increase the pleasure of many or killing someone and harvesting their organs would be a just action. Some Utilitarians have seen that this can be dangerous; many Utilitarians, because of this, follow a slightly different ideology that they should act to increase the frequency and longevity of pleasure throughout the world by following the best social standards.
People who believe in Utilitarianism believe that it is all right to kill one person, take their organs and distribute them to many.
by DesPERRYado November 01, 2004
In America milk comes in plastic containers. In Canada it comes in a bag.
Who used the last of the milk and didn't put in a new bag?
by DesPERRYado November 02, 2004
Something the shareef really doesn't like.
'Shareef don't like it, rockin' the casbah. Rock the Casbah."
by desperryado October 03, 2005
1) A place a woman will go once a week to spend all your money on a worthless service.

2) A scam set up by Vietnamese immigrants to bilk money out of idiot women.
1) "I'm going to get my nails done at the nail salon."

2) "I can't believe she paid us 30 dollars to clean and polish her finger nails."
by DesPERRYado April 11, 2005
A person is either retarded or in other words worthless to the greater good. Commonly referred to people on welfare, teen parents, homeless and retards who contribute nothing to society, take jobs hard working citizens need and suck up valuable resources faster than bounty paper towels clean up spilled milk.

If capable, dead weight tends to breed 6-7 times, thus enhancing the problem exponentially.
That fat woman with 10 kids you see riding around those electric carts at wal-mart, pays with food stamps and want to kill for beign such an obvious waste.
by desPERRYado May 18, 2005
A soft core porn program that used to be on (maybe it still is) French-Canadian television, Saturday nights at 12am.
"Man, there was this 3 Muskateers porn on Bleu Nuit last night."
by DesPERRYado July 20, 2005

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