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A small house near a body of water or in the forest which families go to during summer and holidays. They're usually only afforded by the upper and upper-middle class. It should be noticed that 'cottage' is the Canadian terminology. In the greater United States a cottage is referred to as a 'camp.'
"We're going to our camp this weekend?"

"What!?! You own an entire camp?"


"Oh, we call that a cottage, in Canada."
by DesPERRYado October 10, 2005
In Counter-Strike:

1) Swiftly killing a large group of people.
2) Killing someone with a shitty weapon.
3) Surprising and killing an enemy from behind.
4) Flashing a large group of enemies (and yourself) and charging them with a Mac10 or TMP.
5) Doing any of the above in a hilarious fashion.
"pc rushdown killed Mr. Apple with mac10"
"pc rushdown killed sean with mac10"
"pc rushdown killed ripened orange with mac10"
"pc rushdown killed getchawigsplit with knife"

Don-Vito: lol nice rushdown pc
pc rushdown: pew pew
DippingBird: pew pew
Phate: pewpewpewpewpewpewpew

by desperryado November 21, 2005
An orgasm. Term used by Sociologist Laud Humphreys in The Tearoom Trade. Read it...NOW!!
"Why are you still dating that bitch?"

"I'm in it for the payoff."
by DesPERRYado July 25, 2005
1. The act of ejaculating in a woman's face; usually unexpected.

2. Used figuratively to express victory. Usually used in conjunction with an adjective. See The Proverbial Champ
Zac: i'm most likely going to give stacia the champ

Luke: The champ? Is that when you cum on her face?

Zac: i wouldnt do that to her

Luke: i know, but i'm going to call it "the champ" from now on

Person 1: Man, I really gave Jen the champ in an argument about abortion.

Person 2: The Proverbial Champ?

Person 1: No, just the regular champ.
by DesPERRYado November 02, 2004
In driving: The act of activating a turn signal, but turning the opposite direction of said turn signal to throw-off pursuers.
Perry: "Use the old 1-2 switcheroo!"
Heidi: "What the fuck is the 1-2 switcheroo?"
by desPERRYado April 14, 2006
In online role-playing games. Spending countless hours killing enemies to level your character.
Perry: "How'd you get to level 40 in one night?"

Nathan: "You just have to stay up and grind it like all night.
by desperryado November 25, 2005
Something so good that it could rival an orgasm.
Jr Cheese Deluxes are load blowingly good.
by DesPERRYado February 13, 2005
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