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8 definitions by dehidral767

In a world of 50 Cent, Ludacris as the top artist from Americas failing youth, Eazy E may be a lost memory soon. He's one of the most talented rappers ever to grab a mic.
RIP Eazy. Ludacrs and 50 have nothing on you!!
by dehidral767 June 17, 2005
800 132
How rap SHOULD be made these days. None of that 50 cent crap.
Chronic is the shit, nigga.
by dehidral767 June 21, 2005
211 46
One of the hippest Jews on the planet, like Jesus and Woody Allen.
Yo moses, howzit goin homeslice!
by dehidral767 June 22, 2005
290 139
the reason why black people have the upper hand in everything.
White cop: Sir you have a blood/alcohol level of .10 I'm taking you in.

Nation of Islam Guy: O no!!! The white man is taking me down again just like my grandfather and his grandfather!! The white government is racist and hate the colored. Let us create our own black nation and hate Jews and Whitey in peace.

Crazy Democrats: Prasie the lord, give him $50K for his hardships. When will the exploitation of the black man end?
by dehidral767 July 23, 2005
293 229
The worse thing ever to be created.
If you own ringtone, check with your doctor. You may be a dumbass.
by dehidral767 June 21, 2005
103 57
In MTV's eyes, punk is any band with low self esteam that breaks curfew to look cool.

A real punk doesn't give a shit about relationships, he'd just slap the bitch.

BTW Punks naturally have black around their eyes from binge drinking. Good Charlotte just uses it for makeup to look "cool"
MTV: She broke my heart, im cry for three hours!!

by dehidral767 July 20, 2005
229 215
The retarded section of a hospital.
He is retarded, send him to the G-unit!
by dehidral767 June 21, 2005
73 64