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An exquisite cocktail. Made with Fanta, Coke, lettuce, tomato, beer and pepper. Usually served with a piece of red tissue floating in the glass.
"Would you like a drink with that sir?"
"The Akmosh looks rather fulfilling"

"I'd like six pints of Boddingtons, a Newcastle brown and an Akmosh, barman!"
by defproc January 22, 2006
Casual term for a gentleman of homosexual persuasion. Someone who bashes botties.
The party was great. I was talking to Graham, the botty basher, most of the night.
by defproc April 25, 2006
To release one's waste into the appropriate bathroom appliance. To have a shit. To "do a dump".
"Marcus, old chap; might you perchance come and check over my source code? For Apache is spitting out a tirade of parse errors!"

- "In a minute, friend. I'm just off to export my database."
by defproc July 11, 2006
Horribly written source code that is virtually impossible to follow and modify. Smebb code has no consistent structure and is written with no regard to security by people who think they can code.
// Smebb code
// Urban Dictionary doesn't allow square brackets so don't flame me about them :/
by defproc August 15, 2006
A cigarette.
Pass a nooy over, Ken!
by defproc May 31, 2003
Technical jargon describing any process of reverting a system to a working state.
"Marky, the Outlook Calendar hasn't been functional for some time"
"Fear not, fair accountant. I shall reunfuck it in the coming hours!"
by defproc August 07, 2006
Girl In Real Life. A self explanatory chatroom term.
<sxy_grrl_69> hi asl
<clued> don't talk to him. he's a G.I.R.L.
by defproc April 27, 2006
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